Hello everybody.

I haven’t posted a blog for a while now, and for that I apologise. I’ve been wanting to write a blog on language modelling with LSTM neural networks, but since these take such a long time to train and use a lot of CPU capacity I decided to use an old laptop to avoid damaging my CPU.

I didn’t expect such a hassle.

Firstly, the hard drive was full. Also, Windows turned out to be stuffed with useless applications that took up all the RAM almost constantly. This is why I decided to dual boot a nice, clean installation of Linux Mint.

Firstly, I had to back up a load of images so I could delete them. Eventually, I managed to free 100GB. However, when I tried to shrink the Windows partition to make space for Linux I could only shrink it my 2MB due to ‘unmovable system files’.

Then I started on a wild goose chase through online forums, turning off a load of settings from hibernation files to system recovery points. However, after a few days of this I could still only shrink the partition by 16GB – not enough for Linux, Anaconda, Keras etc. Out of frustration, I tried to use MiniTool Partition Wizard to force shrink the partition by 40GB.

This made Windows unbootable. However, I now had an excuse to format the hard drive and install Linux on its own. Luckily, Linux worked fine. However, every time I booted up I got a warning of ‘imminent hard drive failure’.

After fiddling around with virtual environments and dependencies for an annoying amount of time, I managed to get Keras working. For a few days, everything was fine and I managed to train one glorious, partially working model. But then the hard drive stopped working properly.

Now I’ve ordered a cheap new hard drive online, but it will take at least a week to arrive and then I still need to train a good model before I can write a blog post.

To keep you interested, here is a snippet of text from my one model:


See you soon!