What is it? What can it do?
Converted_file_bdbba0ca_converted.pngWhat is it?

The micro:bit is a small programmable device that can do a wide range of things, from saying hi with the LED display to controlling a robot with the GPIO pins. It’s fully programmable from www.microbit.org using five different programming languages; Code kingdoms’ JavaScript, The Microsoft block editor, Microsoft touch develop, Python and Microsoft BXT. It even has a Bluetooth smart antenna to connect to smartphones and tablets. Also, it’s equipped with lots of sensors like an accelerometer and a compass.

Is it like a raspberry pi?

Not really. It’s similar, but the Raspberry Pi is a computer by itself, and it runs an operating system of its own. For example, you can just plug a keyboard and mouse into the raspberry pi and use it like any other computer, but to program the micro:bit you have to connect it to a computer. The micro:bit is a microcontroller like an Arduino. A microcontroller is a simple processing device that doesn’t have an operating system, and can only run 1 program at a time.

What can it do?

With the micro:bit’s LED display, its 2 programmable buttons and its sensors, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here are just a few beginner project ideas: A number guessing game, a rolling ball game, a magic 8 ball or even a music player! (Before attempting any of these go to Getting started with your micro:bit pt.1)

Why is there a battery pack?

The battery pack holds 2 AAA batteries, but only works with Carbon Zinc or Alkaline batteries. The battery pack plugs into the white battery connector on the back of the micro:bit, and powers your micro:bit without the need for a tethered computer.


Getting started with your micro:bit pt.1